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When you partner with Blackcoffee.media, you get a partner that delivers impressive & sustainable results for all your marketing efforts. We enable businesses to unlock growth through our agile and efficient marketing solutions. From qualified leads & acquisition strategies to branding & social media campaigns, we deliver full funnel growth for your business. You can count on us to be your trusted growth partner and a true extension of your team.

Meet The Growth Squad

Kirtan Mankad
With over 14 years of experience in the broadcast and online video industry
with brands like UTV Disney, Times Television Network, Alibaba and Culture Machine, Kirtan leads
BizDev and Team Ops for us. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit help us to remain
grounded and honest with our clients, ensuring we always set them up for success.
Siddarth Padmanabhan
As a media veteran, having worked at Facebook & LinkedIn in his prior
roles he loves to help businesses build and scale their online presence, ensuring they fine tune
their strategies to drive user growth and engagement. He believes in consultative partnerships, and
is allergic to marketing fluff. He is also a subject matter expert on Digital Marketing with UpGrad
and Masters Union and a co-founder at an early stage fintech company.
Jay Gandhi
Serial agency entrepreneur, Jay has been deeply immersed in the world of
online ads for over a decade, having successfully set up and scaled global agencies such as
Gimbal.media and Real Time Clicks. He brings his operational and team building expertise to the fore
at Blackcoffee Media. He is also building our ad-tech and is very passionate about using technology
to solve ROI challenges.
Russell Pinto
Business Head

Business Head
A highly motivated and results-driven professional with a passion for building
and leading winning teams in the performance marketing industry. He has an impressive diverse track
record in various fields such as music publishing, content distribution, YouTube network management,
business development, and creative operations. Russell’s core strength lies in his ability to manage
processes and people, and his expertise lies in building and operating teams that function
Rachita Vaid
Partner Consultant
Partner Consultant
With her rich experience spanning over 13 years, Rachita has re-imagined B2B
communication strategy for leading brands across OTT, consumer tech, ad tech and SaaS. In her career
she has led marketing units across publishers delivering ROI for demanding large and small clients.
She is our go-to person for all things content strategy and social selling.
Yagnesh Bangude
Assistant Vice President – Operations

Assistant Vice President – Operations
Aka our in-house ad scientist, present him with a problem and before day break
he’ll have a solution in place based on research and his rich experience of over 4 years in driving
ROI through Ads. He is known for his work ethic and inspires his team to keep learning and growing.
Kirk Coutinho
Client Success Lead

Client Success Lead
Kirk simplifies marketing campaign journeys and believes proper communication
is the most important factor in driving success for clients. With 5 years of experience in
marketing, Kirk is great at delivering solutions that enable our client’s business goals.
Faseeh Zaman
Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager
Faseeh is a passionate and skilled marketer, driven to help businesses grow by
developing and optimizing performance strategies. With a deep love for sports and competition, he
brings a focused and strategic approach to every client he works with. Faseeh has over three years
of experience managing more than delivering exceptional marketing plans and execution with a proven
90% success rate in growing and managing his client’s businesses.
Disha Dokhale
Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager
A marketer who has a passion for poetry, travel, and exploring new things.
Disha loves experimenting with different tools, including content writing, design, and video
production. She enjoys research and has extensive experience working in various industries,
including Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, Finance, and Technology.
Sahil Arora
Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist
Sahil is a computer engineer turned Media professional with over 3 years of
experience at network agencies helping build and manage brand strategy for many recent unicorns in
India. With his skill sets spanning across media strategy and execution, he’s always looking to
outdo himself and put himself outside his comfort zone. When he’s not lost in a world of comics or
bantering with friends over a game of Fifa, the musician in him plays the drums to keep his
neighbours up.
Vishant Mistry
Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist
Vishant is a Digital Marketing Specialist who is self taught and passionate.
Continuously assessing and reporting on results, he is constantly curious about new Ad types. He
Assists in creating and managing Ad campaigns and is extending and building on his learning stint
from being an entrepreneur at 18!
Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist
A Passionate Google Ads advertiser who is self-taught & has mastered many
skills that help him drive business goals for our clients. He spends every day learning new
strategies & applying them to his work. He loves what he does and is always eager to learn more
and grow with the company. In a short time at Blackcoffee he has made a very huge positive impact on
the team, all while he battles through the ongoing culture shock of moving from Chennai to Vadodara.
Priya Thakkar
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
A Self-taught Graphic Designer,drawn towards an intersection of creative and
performance. An autonomous work environment makes her best and motivates her to take max ownership.
Priya believes that appealing visuals act as one of the key components to building brand awareness,
and influences the customer’s decision-making process. Dabbling in editing and designing video
formats, along with her expertise in building ads through AR/VR she brings to the office her calm
and eversmiling presence every day!
Chandrani Karmakar
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
Is happiest when she’s surrounded by cats; it brings great creativity and
enthusiasm for her creations. She loves fusing art with smart concepts within the comfort of
accessibility. She believes in understanding the business and user experience goals as the benchmark
for a well-executed product or service. She is learning the ropes on AR ads and finding pockets of
efficiency in performance creatives.
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